Video Game Consoles Review – Playstation 3, Xbox 360, & Nintendo Wii

This article reviews the top 3 video game consoles on the market. These consoles are the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii. Follow each step below to find out which console fits you best.Step 1: Compare pricing of each console.The first aspect to look at is the cost of each console system. These prices were pulled from 3 80G hard drive- $399.99
Xbox 360 60G hard drive w/two games- $299.99
Nintendo Wii – $249.99Step 2: Make sure your console has the games your looking for.There are many games on each console and most can be bought to play on either the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Nintnedo Wii. However, there are several titles that can only be played on certain consoles. Some good examples are Halo 3 (Xbox 360 only), WiiFit (Nintendo Wii only), and Metal Gear Solid 4 (Playstation 3 only). Make sure you find out what games you are looking to buy before you pick a console.Step 3: Who are you buying the system or games for?The games on each system have different ratings similar to movie ratings. A movie rating of R means that it’s restricted to adults only. Video Games have similar ratings. The more mature audiences tend to buy more mature games. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 tend to appeal to the older audiences while Nintendo Wii is marketed to all ages and families. The ratings are as follows:EC – Early Childhood
E – Everyone
T – Teens 13 and up
M – Mature 17 and up
AO – Adults only, not suitable for under 18Step 4: What type of accessories are there for the console?Accessories can make or break any outfit…the same goes for video game consoles. Accessories include controllers, headsets, and any other products that can accompany a game console to make the playing experience more enjoyable.Step 5: What are the unique features of each console?Each video game console has it’s own unique features that allow for different types of video game experiences. Here are a couple of the glaring differences between the 3 consoles:1. Blu-ray Player – PlayStation 3 contains the feature that allows you to play Blu-ray movies. Similar Blu-ray players cost several hundred dollars. This a large added bonus to buying a PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 and Wii do not have this function.2. Infrared Sensor Controller – Nintendo Wii has a unique feature that the controller actually detects your physical movement and incorporates your movements into the games. For example: If you are playing a tennis game, you will have to swing the controller like a racket to hit a tennis ball on the screen. This unique feature makes Wii great for children, friends, and family. Xbox and PlayStation 3 do not have this function.3. Xbox Live Marketplace – Xbox 360 has a large online community and the ability to download movies, new games, and game supplements. This is also found on the PlayStation and Wii consoles but Microsoft has incorporated more functionality to its online marketplace. This allows for a more enjoyable online play of games. Xbox 360 is the best console to play games against your friends without being in the same room as them.